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Website Hosting Setup

People ask me a lot how to set up hosting and what they can do to get their website going.  Setting up through and other domain sites can be very difficult, especially if you are new to website development and setup.  It can get confusing as at first glance it seems that you just want to buy a domain to have your website but people fail to realize that is not the case.

Purchasing a domain is like purchasing a plot of land without a house on it. You have to have hosting set up somewhere to get a house (or a website) built on that plot of land.

Luckily, I have created a streamlined guide to setting up domain hosting to get you started on your journey into the wild wild web. With my godaddy hosting setup instruction guide, your setup will be simple and will get you a little better informed on what you are purchasing for your website.

First entry

There has been a lot that I’ve wanted to write on a blog post.  Throughout the day, you get small spurts of creative genius.  A phrase will pass your ears or an image will provoke a sort of emotion.  I figure for the sake of creating my first post, the journey begins with a single step.

Today is December 21st, 2018.  The first day of winter solstice, a glorious full moon. A chance to reflect and grow is upon us and to not take advantage of this energy shift would be an injustice.

Take time this weekend and reflect on the good and the bad of the last year.  There is room for growth in every person and every interaction with the people around us sheds more light on how we can improve and grow as a collective people.

Life is short and I will make this post even shorter.  There is a special feeling with just typing without having to think about things though… I’ll come up with topics and such later on.  I feel the best moments are done off the cuff.

What will be your moment?